Wellness Cube

One Wellness Cube is all you need for you and your family.

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Stress Detection & relieve action

Heart Rate Monitor
SpO2 Monitor
Body temperature
Stress detection
& Relive action
Breathing & Meditation

Insights into health parameters

Heart Rate
Keep track of heart rate including you and your family members

Oxygen Level
Count oxygen level, that keeps you active & healthy all the time.

Body Temperature
Wellness Cube Helps You Keep Track of Body Temperature So You Can Check Your Metabolic Activity.

Stress level
Measure your stress level with wellness cube and follow on in-app meditation session to relieve it.

Water Quantity
Bringing more closure to stay healthy & fit by consuming daily required water intake.

Meditation challenges

Be in the moments
To let you know more about yourself, earn self-confidence & motivation.

Help You To Manage Everyday Stress And Pressure, To Reach Your Goal With Ease.

Help You To Manage Everyday Stress And Pressure, To Reach Your Goal With Ease.

Breathing Challenges
Improves the working of lungs, hearts, and all the blood circulation.

It Makes You More Creative And Effective Making You More Competitive.

Instils the sense and happiness by the act of giving.

Welcome your Family’s wellness companion

Install smart home voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
Ask & learn every time you want about health insights, or just start meditation & breathing challenges right away.

For Example
“Hey Alexa, start the gratitude challenge in 10 min.”
“Hey Google, read the wellness blog from the wellness app.”

Welcome to wellness life

A Healthy Lifestyle Gradually Brings Awareness To The Actions And Choices You Make to Improve Your Life,
You Become More Energetic And Creative All Day & Night. A Balanced Diet, Exercise & Meditation Becomes A Part Of Your Life.
Deep & Calm Sleep Every Night, And Energetic Day, Improves Your Mood And Boosts Your Self-Confidence & Helps You Overcome All The Daily Challenges.