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A personalized wellness app, curated to help you achieve all your fitness & wellness goals.
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A small auto adjustment you need
for a well balanced lifestyle.

Meditation Sessions
Breathing Exercises
Health Blogs
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Wellness Devices

Health Parameter Insights

Heart Rate
Keep track of heart rate including you and your family members

Oxygen Level
Count oxygen level, that keeps you active & healthy all the time.

Body Temperature
Wellness cube let you know the temperature level of the body and notify you of an anomaly.

Stress level
An in-app feature that allows you to stay strong in the time of trouble & struggle.

Water Quantity
Get more closure to stay healthy & fit by consuming daily required water intake.

Weekly & Monthly Challenges

To let you overcome every tough situation and make you stronger

It Makes You More Creative And Effective Making You More Competitive.

To let you know more about yourself, earn self-confidence & motivation

Help You To Manage Everyday Stress And Pressure, To Reach Your Goal With Ease.

To let you enjoy every moment and relax truly, to awake, refreshing & full of energy.

Did you know?

Want To Slow The Aging Process? Meditation Can Help You! Meditation Revitalizes Your Skin And Relieves You From Stress. It Also Gives Your Body Rest And Energizes Your System.

How mentor helps you

  • Mentor Supports Your Personal & Professional Development
  • The Mentor Becomes A Source Of Knowledge For You
  • Mentor Guides You To Set Your Goals For Achievement
  • Mentor Maintains Accountability, Tracking Progress
  • Mentor Offers Encouragement In Downtime
  • Mentor Helps Make Connections For Growth
  • Mentor Is Willing To Listen To Your Words
  • Mentor Serves As A Trusted Ally For Sharing
  • Mentor Can Offer Constructive Feedback For Support
  • Mentor Has Relevant Experience For Stress Reduction
  • Mentor Is A Free Resource For Knowledge & Wisdom

It regains a positive perspective for every challenge in life.

It Helps You Overcome Stress And Increase Self-Awareness And Self-Confidence. Meditation Sessions Reduce Negative Emotions And Thought From Your Mind Also Increase Imagination & Creativity. You Become More Energetic And Productive With Every Session.

With Exercise, You Will be Able To Lower Your Elevated Heart Rate & Blood Pressure. It Also Improves Diabetic Symptoms And Helps With Digestion. It Enhances Cognitive Functions And Cardiovascular Health. It Is Good For Our Lungs As It Removes Toxic Gases And Carbon Dioxide From Your Body.

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