Smart Cube

Save energy with improved sleep quality.
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A small auto adjustment you need
for a well balanced lifestyle.

Improved Sleep
Increased work quality
Save energy up to 40%
Works on all major AC Brands
Smart weather based suggestion mode

Smart Modes for Smart AC

Chill Mode
Recommends only if needed, basically runs your AC at the temperature of 22 °c. Here you enjoy cool vibes of refreshing air.

Normal Mode
The most useful mode runs your AC at the temperature of 24 °c. Ideal for a productive work environment and a regular day in households.

Supersaver Mode
If you need to save more energy and become a green movement contributor, this mode runs your AC at the temperature of 26 °c.

Benefits of Good Night sleep

  • It strengthens your heart & blood circulation
  • It boosts your immune systems
  • It helps you to maintain the weight of your body
  • It keeps your mood swings at bay
  • It increases your productivity
  • It reduces negative impact on body & mind
  • It improves the memory
  • It reduces stress and hypertension
  • It increases your life expectancy.
  • It makes you more creative and energetic
  • It boosts your self-confidence & masters your skills

A wellness Schedular

install smart home voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
Managing and controlling your AC is now easier, turn it into a wellness scheduler, set a runtime for it, according to your sleep time or with work hours.

For Example
“Ok Google, can you turn on the AC in my room?”
“Hey Alexa, switch from Normal Mode to Supersaver Mode for AC.”

Save Energy Save Money Save Planet

Do you want to save money on your energy bill?
Or Do you want to convert your Normal AC into Green AC?

It Is Possible Here With Smart Cube. The Specially Designed Super-Saving Mode Makes Your AC More Energy Efficient And Green. It Also Contributes to Your Worth In Monthly Money Saving. Running AC In Normal Mode Can Save Up To 20% On Energy Bills While In Super Saver Mode Could Save Up To 40% On The Energy Bill.