Wellness Simplified
Through Technology

A wide range of easy to use, adept Wellness Devices made with innovative technology to experience In-Home Wellness without the hassles.

Technology Creates Wellness

Creating A Beautiful And Well-Balanced Life With The Use Of Technology Was Never Made Simple. Bringing Technology That Serves You To Create Mindful, Calm, And The Life You Desire.
In-Home User Experience.

Wellness Cube

One cube for you and your family. Get all your wellness needs fulfilled @home with just one cube. Make healthy living and mindfulness a part of your daily life with the wellness cube.

Energy Cube

Make your home environment better! Control your appliances, set schedules for heating & cooling, Save energy, and breathe fresher air.

Smart Cube

Make your home environment better! Control your appliances, set schedules for heating & cooling, Save energy, and breathe fresher air.

Wellness App

Your most trusted wellness companion. Get regular in-depth insights about your health, keep a track of your wellness journey just with a click. Compatible with wellness cube.

We are building a Wellness Ecosystem For your Home.

Our mission is to improve the lives of the most Vulnerable Population. Generational Healthier Population including Healthy Parents and Healthy Children, Active Lifestyles, Improved Mental Health, Higher Income, and Safe and Healthy Homes. We are providing access to integrated services that are designed to close the gap in health and economic equity and social determinants of health in under-resourced communities.
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What should it be- sugarless or less sugar?

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Healthy Habits = Healthy Investment


“Wellness Cube is a device I recommend for every individual. It is easy to use, reliable and gives you a detailed report on your health. All your medical data and progress is managed by the app, so you don’t have to worry about constantly consulting your doctor, you can just use the app to look after your health on a daily basis.”

Mr. Aniruddha Chourasia (Engineer)
“I am a fitness freak and getting the right product that is customized as per my needs has been difficult. It has a long list of features, which cater to different kinds of fitness needs. It is a great product for everyone who is into improving their fitness and wellbeing. I have been using it with clients, they love it and it has made my job easier.”

Mr. Aman Konka (Fitness Trainer/Influencer)-
“It is an amazing product; it gives me the opportunity to provide online training assistance to my clients. I can easily track their progress through the app, suggest workouts as per their needs and they always have a guide with them for their fitness journey.”

Mr. Vartesh Jadhav (Fitness Trainer)-
Wellness Cube is both easy to use and has helped my patients immensely with analyzing their medical parameters such as heart rate, stress levels, etc. without my help. I would definitely recommend it to people who are concerned about their wellbeing and fitness."

Dr. Anup Gilada (Doctor)-
"During lockdown many of my patients were stressed out about their health. And wanted a way through which they can keep a check on their health. I used Wellness Cube myself and got great results. I then recommended it to my patients, the ones who used it were really happy with the results."

Dr. Archana Daga (Doctor)-
"Wellness Cube is a really innovative product with a wide range of features. I have used many fitness techs but none of them have as many options as the Wellness Cube. Neurotech Designs is doing a great job. I look forward to more products from them."

Mr. Kunal Laharia (Entrepreneur) -