Energy Cube

Neurotech’s E-ZERO Guides You To Reduce Energy Usage Dramatically, Creating Benefits For Both The Environment And The User.
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Saving energy makes life better, cooler, and brighter.
And we help you here.

Energy Saving Upto 20%
Uncover energy trends
Real-time Alerts
24/7 Energy Monitoring
Power Budget Manager

Get insights into your energy usage.

Monthly Energy Consumption
Energy cube brings out details and the analysis of your energy consumption in the home or the office.

Energy wastage
It suggests the possible energy wastage in the house, saving on the excess billings.

Alerts & Notification
It sends alerts on the peak energy consumption in the house or the office.

How to save energy efficiently? The answer is simple.

  • Get CFL & LED Bulbs for better lighting.
  • Set Air Conditioner at 24 Degree centigrade
  • Turn OFF an electronic device when idle
  • Don’t overcharge smartphones & laptops
  • Install proper insulation in summer & winter on window
  • Maintain & service your electronic device regularly
  • Install ceiling fans for better airflow
  • Clean refrigerator coils from time to time
  • Use blinds & curtains in summer for cooling
  • Prefer high energy star rating appliances
  • Dry your clothes and dishes naturally
  • Install energy-saving apps, like energy cube

Welcoming your new companion

install smart home voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
Now monitor your energy consumption and stay alert 24*7 all the time, just ask your voice assistant about energy units consumption for a day or a month.

For Example
“Hey Google, what is my probable energy bills for this month?”
“Alexa, name the appliance that has consumed the highest energy for yesterday.”

Where do you save energy?

Smart AC saving
Here you can save up to 40% on energy bills on AC consumption

Smart LED saving
Up to 60% saving on energy bills as compared to conventional lights

Smartphone & Laptop saving
Overcharging the battery of smart appliances leads their shorten life

Appliance Servicing
Regular servicing of your electronic appliance can save up to 30% in case of a breakdown

Star rating appliances use
Using higher star appliances can save up to 30% on energy bills on their consumption

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